Nice Climbing Video

This video made it’s way through the Twitterverse this morning. Apparently it’s about a year old or so, but it’s still beautifully shot and great to watch. It shows climber Natalija Gros working a wall with grace and skill. The music is a perfect accompaniment too. Enjoy!

Natalija Gros from Jure Breceljnik on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

7 thoughts on “Nice Climbing Video”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful video.

    Do you have any idea about the title/composer of the music?

    By the way, this is my first time commenting on this blog, but I have been reading faithfully for months and it remains one of my favorite. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great blog.

  2. Ilan, I have no idea what the music is, but I’d sure like to know as well. It is beautiful, and it sets the mood very well.

    And thanks for the kind words on the blog. I appreciate you stopping by to read regularly. 🙂

  3. Nice find on the music Gorida!

    I have to disagree with the choice of music for this vid. I think it fits the video perfectly. A great “dance with the rock” as Mario says above. Shows the delicate nature of the climb.

    I do like a good, fast, rock jam from time to time too.:)

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