Preview the Primal Quest TV Episodes Now

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The television broadcast of Primal Quest Montana will begin soon in 35 countries worldwide on the Voom Network, with four half-hour long episodes that capture amazing footage of the race in an equally amazing setting. But you can now get a sneak preview of each of those episodes online by clicking here.

The team that filmed, edited, and produced the television episodes are amongst the best in the business when it comes to adventure sports, and the quality shows through in these episodes. Fans of the sport of adventure racing are in for a real treat when the show begins airing and the DVD become available this spring.

For someone who isn’t familiar with adventure racing, these previews, and the episodes that will follow, are a great place to get acquainted with not only the sport, but with Primal Quest and the athletes who take part in it. These are some of the greatest endurance athletes on the planet, and you will be very impressed with what they go through just to reach the finish line.

The Voom Network has, unfortunately, ceased operations in the U.S., so the airing of the four episodes is not yet scheduled here. While I can’t say a lot about what is happening to get Primal Quest broadcast here, I can tell you that there are on going negotiations right now, with several interested broadcast partners, so hopefully we’ll have an announcement on the subject soon.

For now, enjoy these previews though, as they are a glimpse of what you can expect in the full episodes, and really help to demonstrate what Primal Quest is all about.

Kraig Becker

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