The Rest of Everest Episode 100: Earn The Turn

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Fans of the Rest of Everest got a little extra content earlier this week in the form of a bonus episode in which Rest of Everest regulars Ben Clark and Josh Butson make a ski journey from Ophir To Telluride in Colorado through the San Juan Mountains. It’s a fairly short, but very cool video of the duo, joined by another climber, named John Miller, not to be confused with ROE creator Jon Miller, as they explore the beautiful landscapes of Colorado. If you already subscribe to the show in iTunes, the episode will of course automatically download for you.

This weeks regular episode is entitled Earn The Turn and it opens with the team now in base camp, and Annapurna IV looming over head. The guys get their first really good look at the 24,688 foot mountain, which of course looks gorgeous on the video.

Ben, Josh, and Tim soon settle in to BC, and start examining their equipment. Much to their delight, they find that all four sets of their skis arrived in one piece and undamaged. With all the snow right out their backdoor, and some good lines already scouted, the team is anxious to head out and and test their gear on the mountain as well as begin the acclimatization process.

Before long, the team is dropping off a thick cornice, and zipping down the mountain, completing the first descent of a run in the Himalaya. All on video. The guys look like school kids playing on a snow day, completely enjoying their chance to finally get to ski Annapurna IV after months of planning, and days of travel to get there.

More to come next week!

Kraig Becker

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