The Rest of Everest Episode 98: Approaching The End of the Approach

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Our journey to the base camp of Annapurna IV continues in the latest episode of The Rest of Everest this week, as Jon Miller returns once again, with climbers Ben Clark and Josh Butson filling us in on all the details.

The title of the episode is Approaching The End of the Approach, which pretty much tells us what we can expect, as the team finally gets some great views of their mountain and they near the location of base camp.

The episode opens with an explanation of the various Annapurna peaks, which are numbered based on their altitude, with Annapurna proper taller than Annapurna II or III for instance. From there, we’re back on the trail, weaving in and out of the now familiar Nepali villages, and through the beautiful scenery which seems to be the hallmark of the country’s landscapes along the Annapurna circuit.

Near the end of the video, the team is just a day or so out from BC and the shots of the mountain are something special. Even on the screen you can tell that it is massive and beautiful. The snow capped peaks are definitely worth the wait, and a tease of what is yet to come as the team attempts to climb the mountain itself.

As always, you can find the latest episode on the Rest of Everest website or you can subscribe to it directly from iTunes.

Kraig Becker

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