Summit Up! – Climbing the High Points in All 50 States

In April of this year Mark Zimmer will embark on a quest to reach the high points of all 50 states, a goal he set for himself after climbing White Butte, the 3506 foot tall high point for North Dakota. When he first started planning, Mark thought that it would simply be a great challenge and opportunity to get outdoors and visit some great places, but later he decided to dedicate his efforts toward raising money for research on Alzheimer’s.

In preparation for his adventure, Mark has launched a website at, where you can learn more about the project, who the beneficiary of his efforts will be, and more. There is also a Summit Up Blog with regular updates on his progress, information on contributors and sponsors on the project, and links that allow us to contribute to the worthy cause as well.

Obviously going after the 50 State’s High Points is a pretty cool endeavor. Some of them are quite easily attainable, such as Britton Hill in Florida, which is just 345 feet above sea level, while others are a bit more of a challenge, like the 20,320 foot Denali or the 14,494 foot Whitney in California. Some are more technical than others as well of course, but plenty are barely noticeable at all. Still, being able to have claimed them all is worthy challenge, and gives someone the opportunity to visit all 50 states in the process.

Good luck Mark! I hope you are successful in claiming each of the high points and raising funds for your cause.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Summit Up! – Climbing the High Points in All 50 States”

  1. Sounds fun to do the hiking, not so fun to do the driving…biking between high points would be a real challenge!

  2. Oh! Great idea. Biking it would add a new element. I think you just found yourself an expedition Ben! 🙂

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