Jacket Concept Design Converts To Tent

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It seems like just about everything that can be done with our outdoor gear, has been done with our outdoor gear. We now have stuff that is lighter, stronger, and more durable than ever before. Heck, it’s all designed to go easy on the environment too! Thankfully, some people are still coming up with some interesting designs. Take this interesting concept for an outdoor jacket designed by Justin Gargasz.

The Vessel jacket as it is called, converts from a sling pack to a fairly standard looking shell, before transforming one more time into a tent. Yep, it’s like having three gear items in one, and they are traditionally three items that backpackers would take out in the field with them anyway.

Overall, I think it’s an interesting design, and better left as a concept that an actual real product. I’m not sure how you would use this on any serious excursion into the woods, although I admit that the jacket converting into a tent idea is great for an emergency situation. The design is top notch though, and I give Justin credit for that, and forward thinking and innovation like this may be in our future gear items. Definitely something cool to think about.

Thanks to The Goat who picked this up via Core 77.

Kraig Becker

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