Lance Updates Us on His Status

Lance Armstrong released a video earlier this evening giving cycling fans an update on his progress. He underwent surgery yesterday to repair his collarbone, which he broke a few days back racing in the Vuelta in Spain.

In the video below, Lance indicates that the collarbone was more damaged than was first thought, and that he’s in a bit of uncharted territory here. He’s never really suffered a major injury in his career, so at this point, it’s unclear when he’ll be back. How soon, and how well, the bone heals will determine how quickly he can get back on the bike, and get ready for his next race. The Giro is now in doubt, and his preparations for Le Tour will also be effected.

Exclusive Post-Op Interview with Lance — powered by
Kraig Becker

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  1. He is pretty tough for sure. I think he’s trying to be cautiously optimistic about his return though.

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