Patagonia Wants Your Classic Climbs

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The spring catalog from gear maker Patagonia has a theme that focuses on classic climbs, which they define as β€œa handful of routes that consistently capture the minds and hearts of climbers from around the world.”

The Cleanest Line, the official blog of Patagonia, has posted their very select list and it’s tough to argue with any of them. Each of the climbs also comes with a link to a field report with more information as well. The routes that they chose are as follows:

The Nose. High Exposure. Pinch Overhang
Aguja Guillaumet, Chalten
Hotline, Yosemite
Vandals, Shawangunks
Ahab, Yosemite
Zap Crack, Squamish

There you have it. Six great climbs that are hard to argue with. Would you add anything to the list? Anything they missed? How about The Eiger Direct? It seems to meet the category for me. Great list though.

Kraig Becker

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