The Rest of Everest Episode 103: A River Runs Through It

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Another excellent new episode of The Rest of Everest with Josh Butson and Ben Clark joining Jon Miller to continue telling us all about their adventures on Annapurna IV, where they hope to not only summit, but also make the first descent on skis as well.

When the video opens, we join the guys, along with the third member of the third member of their team, Tim Clarke, in base camp. This episode is called A River Runs Through It, and we soon learn why, as a series of small trenches dug through BC and into the main tent itself, allowed for the free flowing of water thanks to the spring melt off, to make it’s way down the mountain.

We continue to get a look at life in base camp for the team, as they prepare their gear for their assault on the mountain and share their thoughts on the climb ahead. The team is in good spirits as they discuss the challenges of high altitude climbing, with Ben talking about getting in the right frame of mind and having his body move and breathe on the mountain.

THe last six or seven minutes of the episode gives us great shots of the mountain and shows the team as they set off for their first acclimatization climb on Annaurna IV. It also gives us our first look at how they use their skis to help them climb as they “skin up” the slopes through deep snow. The video of the mountain itself looks great, and we can now expect to get into the meat of the climb.

Next week we’ll get to see the process of establishing high camps on the mountain, which should be very interesting for those of us who follow these big climbs.

Kraig Becker

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