Shane McConkey Killed in BASE Jumping Accident

There is breaking news tonight, as it is being reported that skier Shane McConkey, age 39, was killed today in a ski-BASE accident in Italy. Ski-Basing is an offshoot of BASE Jumping that has the skier jumping off high cliffs, opening his or her parachute and gliding down to snow below. McConkey was very experienced at the sport, and had been doing it for a number of years.

Shane was in Italy filming an upcoming ski movie, along with his friend J.T. Holmes and a film crew. The plan was to hit a jump, go over a cliff, release both of his skis, and glide to the ground below in a wing suit. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened, and he ended up spiraling out of control to the ground below.

You can read a lot more of the details on Shane and what exactly happened, in this article over at The Adventure Life. It’s a sad story and my thoughts are with his friends and family. Shane is survived by a wife and three-year old daughter.

Kraig Becker

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  1. The entire outdoor adventure community is in mourning tonight. Sad day indeed. He will be missed.

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