Today Show Interviews World Record Kayak Drop Guy!

Remember Pedro Olivia? He’s the guy I blogged about a few weeks back who set a new world’s record for a kayak drop by going over a 127 foot waterfall in Brazil. He set the record back on March 4th by going over the Belo Salto waterfall, and besting the previous record by nearly 20 feet in the process. The fall took nearly 3 seconds to complete, and it is estimated that he was traveling in excess of 70 mph when he hit the water.

This morning the Today show interviewed Pedro and showed video of the falls, and his epic drop, while also doing a good job of discussing extreme kayaking in general. The piece is more than 7 minutes in length, and is a solid piece from the mainstream media. Check it out below. The falls look crazy!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Today Show Interviews World Record Kayak Drop Guy!”

  1. That is crazy, but I still think it can be beaten. There was just recently a guy who jumped off Niagara falls and survived…with nothing…nada…

    So I suppose some guy will be trying it with a kayak sometime soon.

  2. Oh yeah. You know someone will try to beat it. And soon I’m sure. I just know that it wont be THIS guy! 😉

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