A View From The Summit of Everest

Check out this amazing panoramic photograph taken from summit of Everest found at Panoramas.dk. The stunning 360º photo rotates around giving us a great view in all directions from the top of the highest mountain on Earth, a view that few of us will ever have the opportunity to see in person.

I sat and watched this panoramic shot rotate around for quite awhile. It was fascinating to me to see just how far your view extends when you’re at the top of the world on a clear day, and it was great to look back down the Khumbu Valley and see the ice falls far below. I also had no trouble identifying Everest’s next door neighbor, Lhotse, but when I clicked on the “i” icon on the photo, it also identified Changtse, Makalu, and Nuptse as well. Also, you can score bonus points if you can spot the climber in the photo. You have to look pretty close, but he’s there.

This is a perfect photo to start off your week with, and something to keep your mind occupied on a Monday morning, when you’d rather be outside yourself. Keep in mind, that at this very moment, there are hundreds of climbers in Kathmandu preparing to take on this mountain, and about six to eight weeks, this is the very view that they’ll hopefully have the opportunity to experience.

Thanks to Richard for sending this my way!

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “A View From The Summit of Everest”

  1. That’s an incredible photo, I was convinced it was the Matterhorn!
    And just what we need for a Monday/Tuesday when we’re stuck in offices!

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