Adventure World Magazine Launches New Website

Adventure World Magazine has launched a revamped website, offering up an easier to navigate, and read format, and expanding their coverage of adventure activities from around the globe.

Adventure World has been a top resource on the web for outdoor endurance athletes and adventure racers for some time. They always have top notch updates on major adventure sport races, such as the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge, Costa Rica’s Coast To Coast Challenge, or even the Iditarod. They’ve even partnered with Sleep Monsters to get the latest race reports from events as they happen, further making them a hub of adventure racing news.

But beyond their coverage of adventure sports, there is a lot more great content in general. For instance, there is a nice feature story on the site right now that reminds us how we can make every day Earth Day, and the articles further down the page spotlight some on going expeditions, gear reviews, and other general adventure news.

Adventure World has also embraced this whole “social media” thing that is all the rage with the kids these days. There are icons on the front page which offer easy access to their RSS feed, Facebook Group, and Twitter feed as well. The end result, even more ways to find their great content, and get updates.

Drop on by and checkout the new site. Then bookmark the page, join the Facebook group, and tweet about how much you love all the changes. 🙂

Kraig Becker

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