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Remember Big City Mountaineers? They’re the group that sends underprivileged youth out into the wilderness, giving them an opportunity to explore the great outdoors, when many of them have never had the opportunity before. The impact of the program on the youth that participate is profound and lasting, and overall it’s one of the best programs of it’s kind in the country.

Currently, BCM is looking for volunteers to help out with the backpacking trips scheduled to take place this summer in California. There are 12 such trips currently planned, and they are in need of both male and female volunteers to join the staff and help out the kids that will be coming from a variety of locations in California. If you’re interested in joining the team, you can fill out an online application here.

In other news related to Big City Mountaineers, one of their partners, Sole pledged to donate $1 for every pair of Ed Viesturs Signature Edition custom footpads that they sold. The company has now donated more than $50,000 to the cause, making them one of the top five supporters of BCM. Great work Sole! By the way, I’m using a pair of these Ed Viesturs footpads in a pair of hiking shoes, and so far I’m very impressed. They are quite comfortable, easy to custom fit, and have revived a pair of shoes that I was about to otherwise give up on.

Also, if you’d like to get involved with Big City Mountaineers, one of their major fundraising events, that I’ve posted about before is their Summit For Someone program. As part of the program, you pledge to climb a mountain, and the list to choose from is extensive, and raise funds in the process, that then go to the BCM program. It’s been a very successful and wonderful program, not only for the kids, but for those that do the climbs. Definitely a great way to give back, while still being able to take on some cool peaks.

Kraig Becker

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