Chocolate Sherpas Approaching Base Camp

The Chocolate Sherpa Team is making their way up the Khumbu Valley as they continue to pursue their goal of delivering at least 100kg (220 pounds) of chocolate to the teams in Everest Base Camp. You may recall that this project is the latest adventure for Louis-Philippe Loncke, who, along with his two companions Joseph de Mahieu and Norbert Eggermont, plans to have the world’s highest chocolate tasting, as the trio continue to raise money and awareness for a mobile hospital, that is needed badly in remote regions of Nepal.

According to their latest blog post, the boys reached Namche Bazaar over the weekend, and are now in Tengboche, where they took in some of the sights, including a beautiful monastery. They also received word from a fellow trekker that many of the climbers are still in base camp, which means they are likely to have a captive and happy audience when they arrive with all the Belgian Chocolate in a few days time.

It seems that the legend of the Chocolate Sherpa proceeds the team, as word has spread up the Khumbu about the three Belgians who are trekking through the region, and giving out chocolate wherever they go. At the end of each day’s trek, it seems that some of their goodies are passed out to the locals, much to the delight of which ever village they are calling home at the time. I’m sure they are enjoying the attention, and the opportunity to share the chocolate.

The Chocolate Sherpa Blog is being updated fairly regularly with news on their progress, and it is an enjoyable read. They are doing this for a great cause, so I wish them the best of luck and success in their expedition. I can’t wait to read about their arrival at Base Camp!

Kraig Becker

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