Dodo Kopold Opens New Route on Annapurna South

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Slovakian climber Dodo Kopold has climbed Annapurna South along a new route, and in solo Alpine style, according to this article over at He topped out following 40 straight hours of climbing, reaching the summit of the 7219m mountain alone.

Dodo has come to Annapurna to climb with Martin Minarik and Elisabeth Revol along the South Face of Annapurna I, but as we’ve heard a few times already, the weather conditions on that mountain were just too treacherous for safe climbing. With that mountain off the menu, Kopold elected to make his solo attempt on Annapurna South, by going up a 7100m route to a western ridge, which he then traversed to reach the summit itself. His descent took him back to the saddle and down the face there amidst deep snow.

The article indicates that the Slovak climber carried just 40 meters of rope, 8 pitons, 8 ice screws, and 10 quickdraws. He also had three energy bars, some dried meat, and a light stove, which he used to melt snow for drinking water.

Expect to hear more details on this story in the near future. This appears to be another impressive, and dramatic, climb out of a guy who already has a full resume. Great work Dodo! Congrats!

Kraig Becker

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