From Beijing to London… On Horseback!

We’ve seen some long distance journeys on horseback before. Remember Bernice Ende, who rode 5000 miles through the Western United States back in 2007? Or how about Tim Cope, who rode from Mongolia to Hungry over the course of three years, covering more than 6000 miles in the process? Well now we have another epic ride to join those two.

This past Saturday, a British woman named Megan Lewis set off, along with Li Jing and Peng Wenchao, both Chinese, set out from Beijing, China, with the intention of riding all the way to London. The trio will cross China, ride into Inner Mongolia, ride into Central Asia, before moving into Europe. The plan is to arrive in the U.K. in time for the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, to be held in London.

Each of the riders is an experienced adventurer, and have plenty of time in the saddle. Lewis is riding to raise money for the Schoolchildren for Children charity as well, and you can read her blog of the expedition by clicking here. Also, be sure to checkout the official website of the journey at the appropriately named

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