PlanetFear Brings Us The Most Extreme Races

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Adventure website PlanetFear has a cool list of the World’s Most Extreme Races, naming off some of the top endurance event on the planet, or as they call the list, “the thigh quivering guide to some of the world’s most outrageous races…”

The author of the article, Ben Winston, determined the “extremeness” of each race by giving them a label, such as “The Most Northerly” or “The Highest”, and then follows up with a photo from the event, and a brief description of what you can expect to endure while competing.

For instance, they name the legendary Marathon des Sables as “The Hottest”. The race takes place annually in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, with competitors racing 150 miles over six days in a stage event format. Average temperatures tend to hover around 120ºF.

But if the heat isn’t that rough on you, perhaps you’d rather face the humidity. Yep, they have a winner in the “Most Humid” category, with the prize going to The Jungle Marathon, a seven day event that covers 120 miles across Brazil’s dense jungles. Competitors have to carry everything with them, with the exception of their water, which is replenished each day, and hammock to crash in when they reach the nightly camps. And if that humid jungle wasn’t enough of a challenge, they’ll have to deal with poisonous snakes and insects, not to mention an array of fungal infections and disease.

Great list of top races from around the planet. Still no love for Primal Quest though. I’m starting to feel a bit disrespected. We seriously need to make PQ more challenging.

Kraig Becker

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