Primal Quest News: 2008 DVD now available and Twitter Feed!

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A few tidbits on Primal Quest to mention while I’m still working on catching up this week. First, the Primal Quest 2008 DVD is now available to order on the PQ website. The DVD contains 4 episodes, each 26 minutes in length, covering the entire race as it went down last summer in Big Sky Country. The film crew that covered the race is amongst the best in the world at covering adventure sports, and they’ve worked on projects such as the Eco-Challenge, Survivor, The Deadliest Catch, and more. The DVD can be ordered from the PQ Store by clicking here. I got my copy last night, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but may go for a Primal Quest watch party with friends this weekend.

Yesterday we also posted a story that was put together by the folks out in South Dakota that re-affirms that adventure racing, and Primal Quest, are not just for men. Fans of the sport already know that some of the best racers are women, but the article does a great job of highlighting that for new fans of the sport as well.

Finally, PQ has had a Twitter feed for some time, but it has mostly gone quiet in recent months, but I’m going to change that, and start using it as a tool. If you’re interested, you can follow the feed by clicking here. And my friends who knew about my reluctance to use Twitter can now continue to laugh at me once again.

Kraig Becker

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