Record Setting Kayaker Interviewed

3910838 Palouse River Falls Palouse Falls State Park
The Seattle Times has posted an interview with Tyler Bradt, the crazy kayaker who recently went over Palouse Falls in Washington, dropping 180 feet, and setting a new world’s record in the process.

Bradt says that he scouted the falls four times before making his epic drop, and admits that his first thought upon seeing Palouse was “It looks pretty runnable.” And while no photos or video of the event have been released yet, the daredevil says that his production crew did indeed catch the drop on camera, and they are negotiating with several publications to release the photos. He says he expects them to be out in the next few weeks.

In the article, Bradt says that the drop was challenging, as he could have severely injured himself from that height, and upon impact he went more than 20 feet under water before bobbing up to the surface with a mildly sprained wrist, and two lungs gasping for air. Other than that, he suffered no real issues from the big drop.

Next up, Bradt will head to Norway in May and Iceland in June in an effort to continue the search for big waterfalls to go over. He says Iceland has the greatest concentration of waterfalls in the world, and he’ll be exploring it for some great filming opportunities for his production crew. One of their future videos will of course include the Palouse Falls drop, which should be amazing to see. Hopefully we’ll get a sneak preview soon.

Kraig Becker

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