The Rest of Everest Episode 105: The Best F****** Cheerleader

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It’s Wednesday! A new episode of The Rest of Everest showed up in my podcast queue this morning on iTunes, right on schedule. This is Episode 105, interestingly titled “The Best F****** Cheerleader”. 🙂

When we left off last week, the climbers, Ben Clark, Josh Butson, and Tim Clarke had started the climb on Annapurna IV, and had established their first camp. This week we open with the team still at C1, with Tim discussing how he physically feels after a day at altitude. The brief conversation gives some insight into what mountaineers feel while in the midst of their climb.

From there the team returns to the climb, moving further up the mountain where they find increasingly deeper snow, It isn’t long before the boys take a bit of a break, and Tim begins to reassess his roll as part of the team. After a bit of soul searching, he decides that he’ll be more comfortable staying in base camp, and letting Ben and Josh go for the summit. Their continued discussion about the situation, the effects of altitude, and the approach to climbing should prove interesting for armchair mountaineers who probably haven’t witnessed this kind of conversation before. Tim is very frank about how he feels, but like any smart climber, he knows when to go back down.

Watch the full episode here or grab it in iTunes here.

Kraig Becker

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