Swazi Xtreme Adventure Race Underway

Does South Africa have some kind of monopoly on cool races? Yesterday we had word of a cool new extreme trail race, and today marks the beginning of the 9th annual Royal Experience Swazi Xtreme Adventure Race.

Now, to be fair, Swaziland is an independent kingdom within South Africa. They have their own currency and everything. The remote and rugged terrain that covers much of the region is perfect for testing adventure athletes, and the Swazi Xtreme will do just that.

The race comes in two flavors, Pro and Sport. The Pro event runs non-stop, day and night, with teams going as much as 60 hours straight, while the Sport version offers three distinct stages, with a start and finish line each day. Both versions of the race feature teams of 2 or 4, which can be either coed or same gender. Those teams will be hiking, mountain biking, paddling, and bouldering their way across some of the most demanding terrain in the region.

To follow the event as it unfolds, a blog has been set up and updates are already beginning to make their way in. Race organizer Darron Raw has already begun filling us in on the details, with insights into the first stages of the race. Read his updates at the Swazi Xtreme Blog.

Thanks to Lisa from AR.co.za for giving me the heads up on the race.

Kraig Becker

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