What Makes Top Adventurers Tick?

mike horn
Outside Online had a cool article up, which also appears in the April print edition of Outside Magazine, in which they ask 15 top adventurers why they do the things they do.

The list of people they asked this burning question to is quite impressive, with some of my favorite adventurers giving insights into what makes them tick. People like polar explorer Mike Horn, who simply loves the challenge of facing the elements in the places he visits. Dean Karnazes admits that he likes the honesty that comes with suffering, while Ed Viesturs says he loves the payoff he gets at the end of a climb, having put months of planning and preparation into an expedition. Long distance rower Roz Savage admits that she’s learned that nothing worthwhile comes easy, but what she does inspires a lot of people.

Sadly, one of the men that Outside spotlighted was Shane McConkey, who passed away recently in a terrible BASE jumping/ski accident. Shane tells us that he simply loved catching big air, and what he did was β€œingrained” in his DNA. With his passing, the adventure community lost a great person, but shane was living the life he wanted and going after his goals.

There is al of wisdom and inspiration in the words of these adventurers. Each of them as a little something to share with us all.

Kraig Becker

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