Adventure Sports Week Adds Danelle Ballangee to the Roster!

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Not content with having adventure racing legends like Robyn Benincasa, Mike Kloser, Ian Adamson on hand for Adventure Sports Week, event organizers have added Danelle Ballengee to the mix as well, as the event draws nearer to its June 5th kickoff at Farragut State Park in Idaho.

Ballengee is one of the top adventure athletes, male or female, in the world having competed, and won, such events as Primal Quest, The Raid, and the Adventure Racing World Championships. She has also competed and won numerous individual athletic events as well, and holds the woman’s record for scaling all 55 of Colorado’s “14ers” in an astonishing 14 days, 14 hours, and 49 minutes.

Danelle has been, for the most part, out of competitive endurance events for the past couple of years due to a terrible injury she sustained while training back in 2006. She slipped on ice, and went over a cliff, falling 60 feet to the ground below, breaking her pelvis and leaving her stranded there for 50 hours until her dog Taz went for help and led rescuers back. Since that time, she’s undergone a number of surgeries, and had worked hard to return to action, taking pitstops to get married and have a baby. But in 2009, she’s ready to start competing again and she’ll do just that at ASW, where she’ll also be teaching an adventure racing clinic along with Mike Kloser. ASW may mark her return to the sport, but I can assure you you’ll be seeing Danelle competing again on the highest level soon.

Danelle is coming to Adventure Sport Week as part of Project Athena, an organization dedicated to helping woman achieve their athletic goals after dealing with breast cancer and other severe injuries and illnesses. It is a wonderful organization that was co-founded by Robyn Benincasa.

With just ten days until the start of Adventure Sports Week, it looks like the event is still on track to be an amazing experience for outdoor athletes. There are plenty of races for all levels of athlete and something that will appeal to everyone, and better yet, the early bird deadline of June 1st has not yet passed, so head on over to and sign up for a great event.

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  1. Danelle was recently featured in a Cable TV program titled "I shouldn't be alive". There were about four tales; each from different people and she was one of them. There she gives the details. It's mostly what we've read but much more captivating since it's first hand account.

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