Amazon Adventures #6: Dolphins!

My Adventures in the Amazon continue over at Gadling today, this time with trip to the confluence of the Ucayalli and Marañon Rivers, the two tributaries that come together to form the Amazon. It was at that location, drifting in our river skiff, that we watched the amazing freshwater dolphins swim all around us, while morning spread across the jungle.

Encountering the river dolphins was one of the best experiences I had while in the Amazon. The beautiful and playful porpoises were a blast to watch, as they broke the waters, often in twos or threes, all around our boat. There were two different species, the pink dolphin and a more traditional looking gray, and both were plentiful, although the pink variety were less likely to break the surface.

I could have stayed there, at the confluence, all day, watching those dolphins. Unfortunately, our time there was brief, and over far too quickly. But I was able to record video of the experience, which I’ve already shared here, but also posted with the story at Gadling. Watching it now, weeks after being there, it still puts a smile on my face. I hope it does the same for you.

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Amazon Adventures #6: Dolphins!”

  1. Yep! They are indeed interesting creatures. I was entranced, and could have spent the entire day at that one spot. Of all my travels, this is one of those experiences that I’ll always count myself lucky for having had the opportunity to see.

  2. Wonderful video! We saw humpback whales mating when we were in Mexico. There were dolphins swimming along the sides of our boat the whole time, and a huge sea turtle made an appearance when the boat was still.

    None of the pictures I took captured how amazing the entire experience really was.

  3. It really is difficult to capture the experience. Video helps a bit more than photos alone, but it is the feeling of the entire place that makes it special, and you just can’t really capture that feeling and bring back with you to share.

    Glad you enjoyed the video. Your experience with the humpbacks sound amazing too!

  4. So I'm wanting to experience the amazon for my honeymoon that will involve a mixture of exploring the river and it's tributies as well as enjoying the forest, etc. I've been looking at some website but can anyone recommend a tour/adventure operator or any way of being able to do this?

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