Chocolate Sherpas: Mission Accomplished!

An update to the Chocolate Sherpa Blog yesterday indicates that the team arrived in Everest Base Camp on Sunday, and have been happily distributing chocolate to the climbers ever since.

In the past few days, the team has given out more than 100kg (220 pounds), to a no doubt appreciative and happy group in BC. Many of the climbers were stranded there this weekend thanks to the first bad weather of the season, I’m sure they were happy to take part in the “Highest Chocolate Tasting” ever, courtesy of trek sponsor Acticoa.

While the project seems to have been a lot of fun for the three young men involved, Louis-Philippe Loncke, Joseph de Mahieu and Norbert Eggermont, it is all for a good cause. They’re hoping to raise funds and awareness for a mobile medical clinic, which is much needed in Nepal, where good, quality medical care is still rare, especially in the countryside.

It seems like Louis-Philippe could have used the clinic himself, as according to the blog, he was feeling under the weather the past few days. They don’t go into details, and it’s likely to be a touch of altitude sickness, as they are at 17,500 feet after all. Thankfully his two teammates were there to help out and get the chocolate distributed, and the word is that Lou-Phi is feeling better now, and the team has set off for Kala Patar.

Great work guys, and congratulations on delivering the sweet stuff. I hope the fund raising is successful as well.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Sherpas: Mission Accomplished!”

  1. yea, great news. need to write about Choco – Sherpa on Gorida as well. yea. thanX for update. 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    here LouPhi.

    We spend 3 days in EBC, od which one i was sick, vomitting but no headache (strange as should be for it)

    now in katmandu. felt bettter the last day in EBc but ever but got diarea since namshe and took me hours to go back down finishing during night time (easier thanks to full moon). now still sick but happy it’s almost over. We still need to get a lot of press to raise funds. work not over.

    First Ascent team are great, Everest ER too, and APA Sherpa a great humble man. He got the best Acticoa dark choc for him and his team!

    Only team to have a warning sign “not to enter unless invited by expe member” is Himex (Russel Brice), and we can understand it as, he’s taking care of his clients. I still passed the sign and came to visit him to explain quickly the mobile hospital project.

    Apparently, Sir Ranulf Fiennes is there too, but because of my mission and sickness, no time to try and meet him/explian NMH project.

    Made mayb ehighest interview ever… for Montagna TV web (italy) on summit of kalla pattar 5550m. And yesterday just 1 mile before finishing in Lukla, met a brazilian TV show, 2 hotties going to EBC being filmed (kind of “simple life” thing? (show i never saw but everyone knows Paris H…)) on air in june in brasil they told me. (10 episodes of 25min)

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