Discovery Channel Plans Follow-Up To Planet Earth

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More interesting news from Discovery Channel today, this time it seems they’re planning on producing a high definition follow-up to Planet Earth, and they’re so committed to the project that they’ve hired Keith Scholey, the former head of the BBC’s Natural History Unit, to head up the project.

The series will once again span the globe, and will focus on each of the seven continents, one at a time. The first edition will be entitled Wild Planet: North America. The show will begin filming later this year and is expected to be a seven-part epic that will use similar camera techniques and high tech gear that were used in Planet Earth.

I don’t know about you, but I personally loved Planet Earth. It is one of my all time favorite documentaries and it was the first thing I purchased on Blu-Ray when I got a high-def player. It is stunningly beautiful, and it caught some of the most amazing outdoor scenery ever. If this new program can come anywhere close to it, I’ll be very happy. This Reuters article that teases the story doesn’t say when the show will start airing, but I’d guess we’re at least a year away if it hasn’t gone into production yet. Still, should be something to look forward to in the future.

It’s been a good week for Discovery. They announce this upcoming program just a few days after they announce they’re launching an adventure travel service in conjunction with G.A.P. Adventures as well. I guess the economic downturn isn’t effecting them the way it is the rest of us.

Thanks to Engadget HD for this one.

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Plans Follow-Up To <i>Planet Earth</i>”

  1. Awesome! Planet Earth was an amazing documentary, with some of the most beautiful HD footage you will ever see.

    I’m surprised Discovery is going it alone on this one. Planet Earth is primarily a BBC production that Discovery partnered on to air over in the U.S.

    Can’t wait to see it.

  2. I’m a little surprised they’re going it alone as well. The BBC was definitely the driving force behind Planet Earth, which is why I suppose they stole away their director.

    Hope it lives up to the legacy of PE. Can’t wait to check it out either.

  3. Lets just hope it doesn’t turn out like the Discovery Atlas debacle. Remember season 1? It was great and promoted heavily across Discovery’s network of properties.

    It was supposed to be something like 30 episodes focusing on countries around the world. I watched the entire first season as it aired as did many people I know (family and friends).

    Do you remember season 2? How about season 3? Didn’t think so. They received little air time and next to no promotion.

    They dropped the ball on that one.

  4. Yep! I remember Atlas. Even wrote about it here. I thought it was an excellent show as well, with lots of potential. Then it just disappeared. Lets hope this project doesn’t meet the same fate.

  5. I cannot wait. Planet Earth is the one thing that can make me drop everything and watch. I was not aware of this project. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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