Everest 2009: First Ascent Summit Shots

The First Ascent Team has released some great photos of Ed Viesturs and Peter Whittaker going to the summit of Everest. Check out Ed standing on top of the world for the 7th time below, and then click here to view the rest of the gallery.

ed viesturs standing tall on everest summit

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Everest 2009: First Ascent Summit Shots”

  1. Viesturs is a beast! He is practically like a force a nature himself. His accomplishments are constantly amazing.

  2. Agreed! The man is amazing. I’m trying to determine if he went up without oxygen again. In most of the photos, like this one, you don’t see his mask, but one of them has a caption that says it is him and he has a mask on. Considering his past record, and lack of mask in most of the shots, I’m guessing he went up with out the O’s this time too.

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