Everest 2009: Summit Teams Back at the South Col, More Teams Headed Up!

It was a very busy day on Everest, as you probably noticed if you were following my Twitter feed. The Adventure Consultants topped out and have made their way back to the South Col, as have the First Ascent Team, which put Ed Viesturs, Peter Wittaker, Jake Norton, John Griber, and Gerry Moffat on the summit yesterday at 8AM local time. For Ed, it is his 7th time on top of the world and for Peter his first. Congrats guys! Well done. All four are back in C4 and resting at the moment. Check out the video of them reporting in from the summit below.

As for other teams, the Peak Freaks were expected to make their push yesterday as well, but thanks to the untimely demise of their web server, there have been not updates yet on their progress. We can only assume that at least some of them reached the summit, as conditions were reportedly excellent, without a cloud in the sky. We do know that the Summit Climb Team topped out though.

Today, we can expect more summits, as IMG is heading up, and Discovery Channel is coming along for the ride. We can only assume that Himex won’t be far behind.

There is no word yet on exactly how many climbers reached the summit, and it may be awhile before we know for sure. But you can expect that there will be a lot more reports over the next few days and on into the weekend, as teams take advantage of this weather window while they can. Congratulations to everyone, now complete the climb and get down safe.

Kraig Becker

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