Everest Trek 2009: Off to Lukla

I’ve mentioned Everest Trek 2009 a number of times since it was first announced. Like most Everest BC treks, it will consist of a group of hikers heading up the Khumbu Valley, taking in the amazing sights there, passing through Nepali villages, and spending the nights in traditional tea houses. Unlike most Himalayan treks however, it’ll also be the highest photography and videography workshops ever conducted.

Everest Trek 2009 is the pet project of Chris Marquardt and Jon Miller. Chris hosts the Tips From the Top Floor podcast. Chris is a professional photographer and conducts workshops all over the world. He is also a frequent guest on Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy podcast as well. And of course, regular readers know Jon Miller from The Rest of Everest video podcast, which is my persona favorite. Jon doesn’t excellent job of shooting and editing video, and producing a show that is the most comprehensive look at climbing in the Himalaya that you’ll find anywhere, bar none.

Late last week, Chris, Jon, and the ten lucky participants in the workshop set off for Nepal, and they all assembled in Kathmandu over the weekend. According to their itinerary, they were off to Lukla today to begin the trek, and they are posting updated information regularly on their Everest Trek Live page, which includes their twitter updates. In fact, it seems the whole team is happily tweeting away, and using the #everesttrek2009 hash search option.

From the sounds of things, it has been a good trip so far, although the trek is just now getting underway. The group has been learning a lot and spent the first days making a few cultural visits in Kathmandu. Now they’ll be working a bit harder, and dealing with the altitude, and enjoying every minute of it I have no doubt.

This is my kind of photography workshop. I’m still learning a lot about taking photos, and I’m ready to upgrade my tools to a new, more functional DSLR, and combining a Himalaya trek with a workshop sounds like pure bliss. Yes, I’m jealous that I’m not there. I’ll just have to console myself with a trip to Australia at the end of the month. 😉

Kraig Becker

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