Introducing Inside Primal Quest!

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Adventure racing and Primal Quest fans will dig this one. I’m happy to announce that Inside Primal Quest is now live at with a great line-up of video from previous PQ events, with much more video to come soon.

The site is a collaboration between Primal Quest and Race Day Films, who have a long history of filming adventure races. The aim of Inside Primal Quest it to continue to add content in the days and weeks ahead, leading up to the August 14th start of Primal Quest Badlands Presented by SPOT. Expect team profiles, regular news updates, and plenty more.

Primal Quest is known as the “World’s Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition”, and the 2009 edition will only add to that moniker. The ten day, 600-mile non-stop race will have the best adventure athletes in the world going head to head on foot, bike, and kayak through the Badlands of South Dakota. The course will be long and demanding, as you would expect, and Inside Primal Quest will be there, leading up to the race, during the event, and after, to covering Primal Quest like never before.

Stay tuned!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Introducing Inside Primal Quest!”

  1. It's good that they created the PQ TV site; it's great for recruitment.

    As a business you always have to give free samples or everyone will be clueless as to your existence.

  2. Yep. Great way to build interesting and information about the race. It should be really good once things get underway in August.

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