More Info on the Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Bike Ride

Yesterday I posted a story on Mark Beaumont, a long distance cyclist who once completed a ride of 18,297 miles that circumnavigated the globe, finishing in an impressive 195 days no less. Mark is now in the final stages of preparation to ride from Alaska to the southern tip of South America, with a final destination of Tierra del Fuego. That trip will be a mere 15,000 miles in length and is billed as the longest unbroken ride in the world.

Today I have a few more links to the story that provide a bit more information about what Mark intends to do on his journey. Working in conjunction with the BBC, the Scottish cyclist has set up a “Cycling the Americas” Blog that he’ll be updating as he goes, posting photos and stories from the road.

You can also follow Mark on his Twitter Feed which is already up and running and has info on his current press tour to promote his next adventure, as well as the release of his book about cycling around the world. You can also learn more about Mark by going to his official website.

Mark’s next journey is set to get underway in June and go until February of 2010. Not content to just ride the length of the Americas however, he’ll also be attempting to climb Denali and Aconcagua along the way. Is an attempt on the rest of the Seven Summits in his future? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to regular reader, and fellow adventurer, Carl Hancock for passing these great links along. Good stuff!

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “More Info on the Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Bike Ride”

  1. This is a cool trip. Mark’s a good guy (I had coffee with him yesterday at his London book launch).
    But I don’t know about your statement that it’s “the longest unbroken ride in the world”. Heinz Stucke et al are likely to dispute that!
    Good luck though Mark,

  2. That’s not my personal statement. That was what it was called in the previous article that I wrote about the trip. Figured it was part of the marketing spin.

    Either way, it’s a great ride.

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