Ocean Rowing Updates: Sarah Still Going, Olly Reflects

A couple of quick updates on some of the major ocean rowing efforts that I’ve been following lately, starting with Sarah Outen who continues her row across the Indian Ocean. Sarah’s now been at sea for roughly 38 days, and progress is good so far. She is attempting to become the first woman to row across that stretch of water, and in the process become the youngest, and fastest, person to do.

In today’s blog update, she discusses her daily food intake explaining how she has created little day bag, with roughly 5000 calories each, which contain everything she is to eat during that given day. She also notes that she’s packed away some other goodies to give herself a treat and break up the monotony as well. She also breaks down when and what she eats throughout the day, while she continues to row, row, row her boat. This is an interesting read for those that are into the logistics of a long distance expedition such as this one.

Our other intrepid rower we’ve followed throughout the spring is Olly Hicks, who landed back on dry land in New Zealand a little more than a week back. You may recall that after making extremely slow progress in his attempt to circumnavigate around Antarctica, Olly elected to call it quits for now, while he reevaluates his plan and examines ways to engineer his boat to track better in the unrelenting winds of the Southern Ocean. In two recent posts on his blog, Olly reflected on his adventure, disappointed that it came to an end so soon, but determined to press on with the project in the future. He also notes that he is shipping the Flying Carrot, his boat, back to the U.K., which was a cheaper than paying the $92,000 tax to leave it in NZ. Olly also sends along his heartfelt thanks to everyone who followed along and cheered for him as he gave it a go.

Finally, get ready for Roz to head back out on the water. Roz Savage will be setting out soon on the second leg of her row across the Pacific. She completed the leg from San Francisco to Hawaii last year, and in the next few weeks she’ll set out from Hawaii for Tuvalu. Expect more on this next week, but Roz has been in Hawaii for awhile now, and busily preparing.

Kraig Becker

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