Outside Tells Us where we SHOULD Be Working

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Outside Magazine has released their second annual list of the 30 Best Places to Work reminding us all why our current jobs suck.

Each of the 30 places listed is accompanied with a brief description of why they made the cut as well as general information on the company as a whole. Outside award the companies points for not only being good, responsible businesses, but also realizing that their employees well being is as important as the bottom line. The companies are lauded for encouraging their staff to live interesting, bold, and adventurous lives, both in the office and out.

Some of the companies that make the list include Patagonia, which comes in at number 24, and is lauded for offering flexible hours, fitness benefits, and cultivating a team orienting work environment. Gear manufacturer Mountain Hardwear slides in at the number 19 spot, with Outside noting that the company’s HQ is completely solar powered and has an onsite gym, including a climbing wall. The company also organizes plenty of company activities and gives out some great gear for the employees to test.

Every other work place is equally as impressive, and not all of them are in the outdoor industry. There are non-profit organizations, technology companies, travel firms, and more. It’s actually a pretty well rounded list, and it arrives just in time to make us all jealous. At least they didn’t post it on a Monday, when I’d have really felt bad. Maybe I should send each of these places a resume asking if they need a blogger. 😉

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “<i>Outside</i> Tells Us where we SHOULD Be Working”

  1. Yes, our jobs suck and yes, their jobs rock. But for some ” outdoors people ” ( including me ) it is still the matter of choice – do what you love and get paid squat, or have a “regular job” . I work as a ski instructor in winter and rafting guide in summer , and if it wasn’ for my ” regular job ” , I don’t think I would be doing my “fun jobs”. How about people working at REI, getting paid $ 7.50 an hour ? Fun job , but really …?

  2. Kraig, you should send those emails. 🙂

    You’re a damn good blogger. Ya never know who needs one of those.

  3. Paul: I was speaking a bit tongue and cheek. Of course there is a lot more to enjoying your job than what they boil things down to here. Still, these are some pretty great places to work none the less.

    Wade: Thanks for the compliment! 🙂 One of these days my blog ship will come in! 😉 Actually, I’ve been working hard on a number of projects, so who knows where I’m headed. 🙂

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