Racing Across the Atlantic in a Rowboat!

In November of this year, a unique endurance event will kick off from the Canary Islands, when the Atlantic Rowing Race gets underway. Competing teams will set out to row across the Atlantic Ocean, covering 2900 miles in the process, and ending in Antigua in the Caribbean, facing 30 foot waves, dangerous storms, and shark infested waters along the way.

Approximately 10-20 teams are expected to enter the race, but at the moment, only one team from North America has taken on the challenge. The team consists of three men from Montreal – Alok Chowdhury, Robert Idsinga, and Mike Jirasek, who are already training hard and preparing for the race. They hope to complete the race in just three months time, averaging 24 knots per day.

Alok, Robert, and Mike will be undertaking this adventure to raise money for charity. They’ll be rowing for the Children’s Wish Foundation, a Canadian charity that specializes in making dreams come true for children with high risks health issues.

You can follow the team as they prepare for the race by reading their blog. They are also auctioning off a certificate to receive Lasik surgery to repair eyesight, with 50% of the proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation, and the other 50% as a fundraiser for their preparation for the race. The auction is running until the beginning of August, and you can find out more by clicking here. The team is still looking for sponsors to help them reach their goals, and to find out more about those opportunities, and to see the impressive list of sponsors they’ve already put together, check out their Sponsor Page.

Good luck in the race guys! We’ll be following along in the Fall.

Kraig Becker

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