Roz Savage Sets Out Tonight! Watch Launch Live!

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Roz Savage, the ocean rower who has already conquered the Atlantic, and completed the first stage of a trans-Pacific row, will set out tonight on the second stage of her journey, departing from Hawaii at 5:30 PM local time. She hopes to reach Tuvalu, some 2,620 mile across open water. If you tune into her website at the time of her launch, you’ll be able to watch her set out over a live webcam. For reference, 5:30 PM Hawaii time is 11:30 PM Eastern Time here in the States.

Last year, Roz launched this project with her solo row from San Francisco to Hawaii, covering 2324 miles in the process. If everything goes according to plan, she’ll be setting out from Tuvalu next year for the third, and final, stage that will end when she reaches Australia. In total, she’ll have covered more than 7160 miles.

In preparation for the second stage of her adventure, Roz has recently relaunched her website, with all kinds of update and information, including a feed of her Twitter posts. Of particular interest in the weeks ahead will be the RozTracker, which is an awesome tool to find out exactly where Roz is at any given time.

Good luck Roz! We’ll be following along. Be safe!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Roz Savage Sets Out Tonight! Watch Launch Live!”

  1. I have been keeping in touch with Roz as well. Her determination is amazing. Maybe I am just a wimp, But to head out across the Ocean in just a 24 foot boat solo is amazing. She is determined. More people has went into outerspace than have rowed across the pacific.

  2. Totally agree with you. Roz is indeed amazing. She’s an inspiration to all of us who have a hard time just getting out of bed in the morning. She is determination personified.

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