The Technology of Everest: Assembling a Dispatch

Another cool video from First Ascent that I saw some commentary on over at What’s interesting about this one is that it talks about how they produce these excellent, high quality, video dispatches each day, and send them back from the mountain. Hint: It involves some great high tech gear, including several MacBook Pro computers.

As Outdoors Magic points out, the video has to be recorded on the mountain, wherever the team is at, then shuttled back to BC by a Sherpa, where it is backed up on to a hard drive and then edited together before being sent back to the world using a satellite modem, which is amazing technology in and of itself, when it works. I’m guessing this team, with all of its funding, have several back-up modems, just in case.

Anyway, pretty interesting story on the technology that goes into getting these dispatches and updates out to the rest of the world. The Everest experience is coming home like never before.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “The Technology of Everest: Assembling a Dispatch”

  1. Yep, I saw 3 macbookpro while visiting their tent. lso a few portable harddrives, big sony pro cameras. I almost thought i was in a shop except they were on a small chair with big jackets as it isn’t very warm up there.

    But the team of 3-4 people (director, camera, editors…) are very friendly and i could stay at least 10 min explaining the chocolate sherpa project.

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