The Top 20 Greatest British Adventurers

Greatest British adventurers

British newspaper the Telegraph has published an interesting list of the top 20 greatest British adventurers, making the bold statement that “When it comes to adventure, Britain really does rule.” Of course, looking at the U.K.’s long history of exploration and adventure, it is hard to argue with that statement, but just to be fair, they limited the names on this particular list to the living.

It is difficult to argue with the names at the top of the list, that much is certain. Coming in at number one, is none other than Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who was given the moniker of “Greatest Living Explorer” by the Guinness Book of World Records, and has recently successfully topped out on Everest, on his third attempt, at the age of 65.

Close behind Sir Ran is another knight by the name of Chris Bonington, who is personally responsible for some of the most ambitious climbs in the history of mountaineering. At the age of 74, he’s still exploring the mountains. The nod for third place goes to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo, non-stop around the world.

As if starting your list of top 20 adventurers with three men who have been knighted wasn’t enough, the rest of the list reads like a “Who’s Who” in the adventure world as well. You’ll recognize plenty of names, like climbers Kenton Cool and Leo Houlding, as well as polar explorers from Ann Daniels to Pen Hadow, amongst plenty of others. Our friend Roz Savage makes the list as well, but someone will have to give her the news by radio, as she just set out on the second stage of her Trans-Pacific row.

All in all, a very impressive list. Any other single country would be hard pressed to put something together to match the likes of this group. Anyone want to give it a shot?

Kraig Becker

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  1. Good thing they limited the list to “the living”.

    Most of these people listed can’t measure up to one of Britain’s greatest adventurers, in my book – Richard Francis Burton!!!

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