Which Famous Adventurer Are You?

Travel website Tripbase.com has a fun little quiz for us this morning, in which you can discover which famous adventurer your personality most resembles. Simply click here to go to the quiz and start answering the questions.

While it’s all done in good fun, the questions are kind of a dead giveaway as to which adventurer you’re going to end up with. My results led to Allan Quartermain, but it was also pretty clear which answers would lead to Indiana Jones, Conan, and so on. Still, the questions, and responses are good for a laugh.

As for Tripbase itself, it looks like it has the potential to be an interesting travel site. You can select from a series of criteria that are important to you, such as “shopping”, “nature”, or “attractions” and it’ll suggest destinations that might fit what you are looking for. You can narrow the search by indicating your budget as well. Playing around with the system, which is in beta, it recommended places like The Pantanal region of Brazil for me, which seems fitting since I was just in the Amazon.

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Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Which Famous Adventurer Are You?”

  1. how did you finish this???
    i click an option on question one, and it doesn’t move onto the next page.
    i don’t see a button to click…
    what gives???

  2. Hmm… in my case there were small arrows down at the bottom that I could use to advance. In the lower right corner I believe. Not so in your case? Which browser are you using? Strange.

  3. nope, no arrows for me.
    i’m using IE6.

    maybe it’ll work at home (i’m at work now) with the latest version of firefox or safari.

  4. Yeah, worked for me under Safari 4 Beta. IE6 is ancient these days, but not sure why it wouldn’t work.

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