Cycling The Americas Update: Climbing Denali

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A couple weeks back, just before I took my brief hiatus Down Under, I posted about Mark Beaumont, the man who once rode around the world on his bike, in 195 days no less. At the time, he was en route to Alaska, where he was just about to start his next project, dubbed Cycling the Americas, in which he would be riding his bike from the Great White North all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, at the tip of South America.

Besides covering more than 15,000 miles along the Trans-American Highway, over the course of the nine months or so that the journey is expected to take, Mark also intends to climb the two highest mountains in the Americas as well, namely Denali and Aconcagua. The latest updates from his Twitter feed indicate that he is currently on Denali, and camped at about 14,000 feet.

Today is day eight of the Denali climb, which is expected to take roughly three weeks, depending on weather and the acclimatization process. Mark reports that everything is on track for the team to stay on that pace and he says that everyone, including himself, are doing well so far. He is climbing along the Western Buttress route, the most popular on Denali, and reportedly the weather has been great, with clear skies and warm temperatures.

The Denali season has been in full swing for awhile now, and two teams reached the summit yesterday day alone. I expect we’ll be hearing more updates from both Mark, and the mountain in general, over the course of the next few weeks, as climbers take advantage of the relatively short climbing season there.

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3 thoughts on “Cycling The Americas Update: Climbing Denali”

  1. Sounds like a great job if you can get it 😉 – he must be taking in some astounding sites en-route.

  2. Yeah, he has the BBC following him for a documentary, so he's got the funding. Going to be an amazing ride.

    His tweets this morning indicate that they're climging to higher altitude on Denali, shuttling up some gear.

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