High Tech Concept Tent is Solar Powered, Comes with WiFi

Here’s an interesting concept design for a tent that might get tech nerds out into the backcountry as well. It comes to us courtesy of Telecommunications giant Orange and uses solar energy to light itself up and provide WiFi access to the Internet.

The design concept uses photovoltaic fabrics to collect energy from the sun all day long, then uses that power to recharge our gadgets, which are conveniently stored in a “magnetic induction pouch.” The tent also comes equipped with a flexible LCD screen that can connect to the Internet, so you’ll always have the latest weather reports and access to YouTube.

The high-tech wizardry doesn’t end there, however, as you’ll also be able to send an SMS message to your tent to have it light up remotely. This handy feature would allow you to find your campsite in the dark or possibly signal for help from a distance as well.

Of course, all of this sounds great, except that in a lot of places where we like to camp, there is no cell service. Still, the idea of a tent acting as a solar charger for gadgets and for providing power is a good one.

We’re probably a ways off from this actually becoming a production unit, but who knows, perhaps in a few years, you can have neighbors leeching WiFi off you even while you’re in the wilderness.


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