Inside Primal Quest Video Line-Up

While back I mentioned that had launched and would be showing all kinds of videos from past PQ races online, as well as fresh, new adventure racing content, in the days and weeks leading up to the start of Primal Quest Badlands presented by SPOT in August. Today, the team behind Inside Primal Quest has announced the schedule of videos that will be airing this week. Check them out below.

Friday, June 12th – Now Showing…Primal Quest Badlands Presented by SPOT
Saturday, June 13th – Traffic Jam – Primal Quest Utah 2006
Sunday, June 14th – Don Mann introduces Primal Quest Badlands
Monday, June 15th – Introducing Primal Quest Montana 2008
Tuesday, June 16th – Adventure Racer – The Human Powered ATV
Wednesday, June 17th – Pre-race Jitters – Primal Quest Telluride 2002
Thursday, June 18th – The Gun Goes Off – Primal Quest Lake Tahoe 2003

Even more exciting for fans of Primal Quest, and adventure racing in general is the news that beginning on August 10th, Inside Primal Quest will be at the race in South Dakota to bring you video updates every 12 hours so you can watch Primal Quest Badlands as the race unfolds. This will really change the way we follow the sport, as it is often very difficult to get news from the course or to know what is happening during an event, other than watching the leaderboards and trying to determine where teams are at any given time. We’re hoping that Inside Primal Quest will be the Sports Center of adventure racing while PQ is underway. The prospects are very exciting!

Also, if you are into social networking, you can get the latest Inside Primal Quest updates at Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Zherpa. And you can sign up for the weekly prize drawing at This week’s prize is the Primal Quest Montana Presented by SPOT 2008 DVD. The producers of Inside Primal Quest are also taking video submissions. If you want to see yourself, your team, your gear or your sponsor featured on Inside Primal Quest, contact John Stann at

Kraig Becker

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