Jon Bowermaster’s Terra Antarctica Wins BLUE Ocean Film Festival

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A hearty congratulations to Jon Bowermaster and the rest of the team behind Terra Antarctica, which won the “Best Ocean Issues FIlm” category at this past weekend’s BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia.

The film is the latest from Jon and his team, and chronicles his expedition along the Antarctic coast back in 2008. The screening at the film festival was the first public showing of the one hour long movie and obviously its message about the health of Antarctica and its impact on the world’s oceans stuck a chord with judges, as it made the shortlist for the top films at the five day event.

This was the first BLUE Ocean Film Fest, and the organizers had more than 200 films submitted for review, of which, 50 were selected for screening. From there, the judges narrowed their prize considerations down to Wild Ocean, a big budget IMAX film, Call of the Killer Whale, the latest project from Jean-Michel Cousteau, The Cove, which came out of Sundance with a lot of buzz, Saving Luna, which has garnered award from a number of other film festivals, and The Great Tide, which is produced by the BBC and David Attenborough. Terra Antarctica rounded out the list, and won the Ocean Issues category, while the top honor went to The Cove.

You can read Jon’s thoughts on the festival as a whole and Terra winning in the latest entry to his blog, and you can also get a sneak peak at the film by catching the trailer here.

Kraig Becker

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