More Video of Tyler Bradt’s Epic 186-Foot Drop

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National Geographic Adventure has more video up from Tyler Bradt’s huge kayak drop over Palouse Falls in Washington state. You may recall that Tyler went over those falls back on April 21st, setting a new record for the biggest kayak drop at 186 feet.

Most of the video on Adventure’s website is stuff that we’ve seen before, but there is some new stuff included as well, and the it is such an amazing site, it’s definitely worth looking at again. You can’t help but hold your breath when he disappears from sight a third of the way down the falls. We even know that he survives and is fine, but it’s just such an amazingly scary shot, that you can’t help yourself.

In the story that accompanies the video, Bradt has this to say about going over the falls:

“There was a stillness. “Then an acceleration, speed, and impact unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I wasn’t sure if I was hurt or not. My body was just in shock.”

All told, the fall took 3.7 seconds to complete, and Tyler was under water for another six seconds before he bobbed up to the surface, broken paddle in hand, and little worse for wear except for a sprained wrist. Relive the epic drop with the video found here.

Kraig Becker