Outside’s Summer Gear of the Year Will Make Your Wallet Cry!

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Outside Magazine has posted a sampling of their 2009 Gear of the Year (Summer Edition) online for all of us to drool over and covet in some not-so-healthy ways. They promise that by mid-month, the entire buyer’s guide will be online, but for now, we’ll have to settle for this sample to whet our appetite.

As usual, the selection of gear items is quite impressive, offering up the best in outdoor toys for the year so far. Broken down into categories, such as Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Backpacks, and so on, it’s pretty simple to find the items that you are most interested in.

A couple of the items that caught my eye include the Adrenaline 20 sleeping bag from GoLite, the Aegis Jacket from Marmot, and Sony Ericson’s new 8.1 mega-pixel camera phone, the C905 Cyber-shot Mobile, which looks really nice, but won’t replace the iPhone for me anytime soon.

Be sure to check back on the site in the next few days to see all of the gear that was tested. It should be added soon, and give us even more insights into what’s new in gear shops at the moment.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “<i>Outside’s</i> Summer Gear of the Year Will Make Your Wallet Cry!”

  1. Don't you think some of those outdoor retail companies ( REI, Mormont,North Face ) are a bit overpriced ? I mean,there is no doubt about the quality of gear, but the price? Being a reacrreational outdoorsman , I buy lots of my stuff at Wall Mart,Fred Mayer,Big 5,Sports Authority.Saves me some money.

  2. For me, it depends on the item. Some things I don't mind picking up on the cheap at one of the big box stores, but the other side of that is you also get what you pay for. For instance, when I was buying bargain, off name outdoor clothes at Sport Authority, it was nice at first, but it didn't wear as long, and needed to be replaced sooner. Higher quality, yet at a higher price, items tended to last much longer, and in the long run saved me money.

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