Roz Update: Nearly A Month Out

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It’s hard to believe, but ocean rower Roz Savage has been out on the water for nearly a month already, as she continues her attempt to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. Having completed the first leg of the journey last year, rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii, she is now en route from Hawaii to Tuvalu, a distance of approximately 2620 miles.

Since we last checked in on Roz, she has had to deal with a variety of hardships, including problems with her onboard stereo. Now that probably seems like a minor thing to you and me, but consider how you’d feel sitting alone in your car, 24-hours a day, for three months, without your radio. (Not to mention in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but then why would you be in your car in the middle of the Pacific?)

Roz hasn’t been completely alone while she’s been rowing however. A few days back she had a few visitors in the form of flying fish that managed to leap onto the deck of her boat. She’s also suffered her share of hardships, with an extremely sore bottom that took her out of commission for awhile, but gave her time to put together her list of 10 things she wants to do before she dies. As if she needs anything more to keep her busy. (FYI: The list is pretty great! I’d love to do most of those things too!) In today’s blog update, she gives us her pet peeves of the Pacific as well, which include phantom noises, losing items on the boat, and the afore mentioned wonky stereo.

According to the Roz Tracker, our gal is now 798 miles into the journey and has taken more than 337,000 oar strokes. Her progress has been steady and sure for the most part and she seems on track to finish in the three months that was projected. The remaining two months may be very long if she doesn’t get that radio fixed though.

Kraig Becker

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