Blind Climbers Summit Kilimanjaro

I’ve been hearing about this climbing group for awhile now, but Backpacker has confirmed that eight blind climbers, along with their 17 guides, reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania last week. The team topped out on the 29th of June and in doing so, set two new records on the mountain, the most blind climbers at the summit at once and the youngest blind summitteer ever in the form of 13-year old Max Ashton.

The entire group was climbing as part of the See Kili Our Way organization, which is raising funds and awareness for programs designed to aid visually impaired babies. On the site, you’ll find more information about the climbers, photos from the climb and their preparation hikes, and a blog that chronicles their exploits.

The team is back in the states already and were featured in video for Good Morning Arizona just yesterday. To check out their story and learn more about the mountaineers and their cause, click here to watch the video.

Very cool and inspirational story.

Kraig Becker

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