Kayaking Around Australia

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Men’s Journal is reporting in with another interesting aquatic adventure. This time it’s an update on Freya Hoffmeister, who is attempting to set a new speed record for circumnavigating Australia in a kayak.

Freya has now been on the water for 191 days and making her way down the western coast of Australia. Her goal is to cover the more than 9400 miles around the continent in just one year, and reading her blog you can tell that she is not only going after that challenge, but enjoying the journey as well. The current record for kayaking around Australia is 361 days, and if everything continues to go as expected, it seems that Freya will have a shot at setting a new record.

As part of her journey, the German paddler cut across the Gulf of Carpenteria, setting out into the turbulent waters of the Pacific. Only Andrew McAuley has accomplished the same goal in a solo fashion. You may recall that McAuley later disappeared while making a solo attempt at paddling across the Tasman Sea.

You can follow Freya’s adventures on her official website, where you’ll find more information about her, and this paddling expedition. If she stays on schedule, expect her to return to her point of origin, near Melbourne, sometime next January.

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  1. One of the things that Australia offers is the adventures in water. Well, I have to say that with the many rivers of the country, Kayaking is very exciting indeed. One way to enjoy the water is surfing of course. It is one of the activities that I like to visit whenever I am in the country. I do hope to experience some surfing and some wake boarding in my next visit to the Aussie land though, I will look for Nemo. Lol. Well, Australia, see you soon.

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