Mad Way South – Kiting Across the Sahara!

Here’s a cool story that I found over at the Adventure World Magazine website. It’s about four guys, two from New Zealand, two from Australia, who are planning on racing across the Sahara Desert using sand buggies pulled along by kites.

The expedition is called Mad Way South, and it is scheduled to get underway on August 3rd from Northern Morocco and continue through Western Sahara, Mauritania, and finally ending in Dakar, Senegal.. The four kiters, Geoff Wilson, Steve Gurney and Craig Hansen, will be crossing more than 1550 miles of open desert, in their attempt to become the first people to make the journey completely by wind power.

Once they get underway next week, you’ll be able to follow along online as they update their blog throughout the journey. You’ll also learn more about the team, their sponsors, and more.

As of the last update, the entire team had gathered in London, and were preparing to depart for Morocco. They were finalizing the packing of their gear and anticipating being on the sand next Monday, when the journey officially begins.

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “Mad Way South – Kiting Across the Sahara!”

  1. You got me all excited and then…"sand buggies pulled along by kites".
    How about sandboards? I would consider that "wind power".

  2. It is impressive for me in "Sahara Desert" using sand buggies. I wish to see with our own eyes when "first people to make the journey completely by wind power".

  3. Sand boards would be AWESOME Paul. Maybe we should do that, and show these guys how it's done! 🙂

  4. No problems Kraig! Load me up with sponsorship money, and I will ski through Sahar Desert:),bike through Antarctica and skydive off Everest ( did you know they actually have "Skydive Everest"?)

  5. Yeah, I've seen the skydive Everest ads and earlier this year there were a number of stories making the rounds about the experience.

    I'll join you on all of those adventures, we just need to work on that sponsorship thing! 😉

  6. guys, I was in Dakhla, south sahara, which is a massive kitesurfing spot, and one day at the kamp we just saw these crazy guys arriving! it was fantastic! here u can find their official website!
    and on the blog there's all the update on the trip!

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