Outside Interviews Tour Divide Winner

A couple of days back I posted that this year’s Tour Divide mountain bike race had been won by Matthew Lee, who managed to complete the 2745 mile course from Banff to the Mexican border in a little less than 18 days. Today, Outside Online has an interview with Lee, in which he talks about what it was like out on the course.

In the interview, Matthew discusses such topics as what a typical day is for him out on the trail when racing, his thoughts on going ultralight in the Tour Divide (remember, racers are self sufficient in this Tour), and after completing six consecutive TD’s, where doubt enters his mind while riding. He also mentions that while riding he didn’t notice any aches and pains in his body, but once he stopped, all of the effort caught up with him and he was now feeling the effects of nearly three weeks out on the trail.

Matt does touch upon the cold, wet weather that plagued the early portions of the race, and shares what food he missed the most while riding. (Asian!) He also offers a new way to lube your chain (canola oil?) and thoughts on his most memorable day of the race.

Excellent interview with fun and interesting insights on what it’s like on the Tour Divide. Good read for anyone following the event.

Kraig Becker

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